K Camp is not slowing down. The Atlanta rapper is gearing up for a new project despite being fresh off the release of Lyric Ave EP. K Camp's next work will be titled RARE, and he's already dropped the first single. "Real Me" features a thunderous instrumental by Bobby Kritical and a guest spot from Young Dolph.

"Fuck these niggas and fuck these bitches/I ain't even tryna kick it witcha/Long way from the north side, I done turned myself into a rich nigga/OG gas straight from the west, got a bad bitch snatched out the bank/Know I've been drinking on the Hennessy, but tonight I'm going for the D'usse," K Camp raps on the second verse.

This string of new releases has put an end to what had been a quiet 2016. K Camp told XXL some changes behind the scenes led to him rebuilding from the ground up.

"That’s why I’ve been so quiet because I was really just trying to rebuild my shit because I changed management," K Camp said. "It was just a whole bunch of shit going on. I went quiet so I’ve got to build that hype again. All I have to do is flood their ass and fuck the Billboards up. I am working on a sophomore album. I’ve got like five records but I’m not going to drop that until it’s time — probably like next year. We’re gonna plan this shit out."

Make sure to check out XXL's entire interview with K Camp for more information about his current status.

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