Locksmith continues to drop heat with each new song. Fresh off the release of a freestyle called "Grime," Locksmith comes through with a music video for the wordplay exhibition. The Bay Area rapper spits some spectacular rhymes over a pulverizing beat made by Kato.

"Everybody wanna be a god/Everybody wanna be a deity/Everybody wanna cling onto the Earth/Nobody wanna break free of thee/Mental jail that is meant to jail what the lower side of your potential self/Whatever sent you there will extend and pale in comparison to yo eventual hell," Locksmith raps.

Locksmith's recent freestyles and tracks from the last couple of months are going to get an official release in just a couple of weeks. The Richmond native has announced a mixtape called The Lock Sessions featuring songs like "Grime" and "Black Hole." The tape will serve as a prelude to Locksmith's Olive Branch album which is still in the works.

The new project is scheduled to be released on Sept. 29. Locksmith's upcoming tape will include guest appearances by the likes of Mark Battles, Fred the Godson, One Loco, Mally Stakz and David Correy. You can pre-order the tape now on iTunes and get instant access to the closing track "More Lessons" featuring Rebecca Nobel. Check out the full tracklist for The Lock Sessions below.

1. "Black Hole"
2. "Epic" Feat. Mark Battles
3. "Nowhere" Feat. One Loco
4. "Koolio"
5. "Grime"
6. "No Rules" Feat. Fred the Godson and Mally Stakz
7. "Go There" Feat. David Correy
8. "No Manners"
9. "Past"
10. "More Lessons" Feat. Rebecca Nobel

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