Isaiah Rashad's long-awaited album The Sun's Tirade arrived earlier this month. The LP has been well-received, living up to the large amount of hype the Top Dawg Ent. artist built on his Cilvia Demo EP.

The Sun's Tirade is an album that deserves plenty of spins, so Isaiah Rashad reminds fans to revisit it by dropping a video for the standout cut "Park." The video sees him hotboxing with some friends and dropping bars while they ride around town.

"Look, watch, spill out your soul in that closet/Don't question your passion/We flipped that reefer cause we couldn't be ashing/They got me so high that I look like I'm passive/Bitch, don't you know who you asking," Rashad raps.

XXL recently spoke to Isaiah Rashad about The Sun's Tirade, which he said took a year and a half to make. The Tennessee rapper explained how a lot of that time was spent figuring out what he wanted to convey to the listeners.

"For a majority of it, I was coming to a realization about what I really wanted this to be about," Rashad said. "I realized I could’ve talked about anything and then I listened to a lot of music to go along with what was going on. I tried that general 'have fun' shit and those were cool but I threw those out because they didn’t mean anything to me. And then I was like, How can I convey how I feel in a way that won’t sound like I’m depressed? And not make it sound like I was going through the same shit as I was going through before? Because it really wasn’t the same shit. Before it was real teen angst shit."

Check out the entire interview for some insight into Isaiah Rashad's creative process. The talented MC talks about the competition in TDE, his battle with addiction and much more.

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