XXL recently introduced you to Felly, a buzz-making rapper out of Connecticut. Now, Felly is back with a music video for his breakthrough single "Desert Eagle" featuring Gyyps. The video sees the rapper and his crew getting into an old Western-style shootout.

The action in this video goes against Felly's goal in hip-hop though. The rapper told XXL that he wants to foster positive vibes with his music.

"I just want to move the people sort of what [Bob] Marley did, as far as getting people to really be a wavelength of love and positivity," Felly said. "I think there’s just so much negative shit that people are trying to take different angles in the world. I just want everyone on wave of just love and feeling good. I want to loft people up and change the art a little bit."

Felly's quick rise through the rap ranks has surprised him. The USC student said he's suddenly put school on the backburner due to his success in music.

"'Probation’ was a song that put me on the map. The first lines are like, ‘Once I finish school I take you on a tour’ and then like a month after that we had people hollering about trying to book us on shows all around the country," he said. "It was kind of funny because I’m still in school, I’m about to be a senior at USC and I study music there. Now it’s like scratch that because we’re going on tour and I’m still in school so we’re going to have to figure that out."

Felly is currently in the midst of his School Zones Tour which sees his performing at colleges through the West Coast and Midwest. After that wraps up, Felly will begin another tour called the Mermaid Gang Tour. That one is scheduled to run through Feb. 2017. Check out all the details at Felly's website.

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