Nyck Caution is proving to be Pro Era's next rising star with his steady push of music and media in 2016 so far. Following up the February release of his debut project, Disguise the Limit, the young Brooklyn MC drops the lyric video for "Somebody."

In the somber video, Nyck wanders around familiar territory, which is the dreary, rain-soaked streets of New York, while the lyrics of his song come to life, flashing and disappearing onscreen. As Caution shows off his lyrical prowess in the Navie D-produced cut, the tone of the visual matches the rapper's words and delivery perfectly.

"I let you know I had this plan that I would hold you down/I explained it so elaborate I would train to know the labyrinth/Make it in a maze, like I have been/Haven't seen you lately/Hope that you're invading all the demons in your shadows/Just keep on escapin'," he raps.

Animator Pat Banahan is credited for bringing Caution's words to life, spelling out the most poignant of his lyrics in white scribble for the Walu Mwalilino-directed flick.

"Somebody's one of my favorite songs off the project that I really got to go in and co-produce with the beat from Navie D," Caution told Complex when he premiered the video. "I went to Twitter to find an animator and came across Pat who really killed this. I always want to involve the new youth in new projects and this is one of many."

Caution's previous singles off Disguise the Limit include "Church" and "Basin." Check out the turned-down visual above.

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