It's a busy day for Fetty Wap. The 2015 XXL Freshman not only inked a publishing deal with Sony/ATV, but also drops a brand new track. The song is called "Jimmy Choo" and once again shows Fetty Wap's keen ability to craft a hook as he delivers a catchy one over the bouncy production. The track does feature a bit more rapping than listeners are used to hearing from Fetty these days, which is a nice switch-up in the routine.

"Jimmy Choo" may simply be a track Fetty Wap decided to unearth from the vaults, but it could be a sign that the New Jersey rapper/singer's new EP is coming sooner rather than later. Just a few days ago, Fetty Wap revealed that would be releasing a new EP. "Jimmy Choo" might end up as the first single from this currently untitled project.