From their upcoming joint mixtape Whip It, iLoveMakonnen and Rich The Kid unleash the Sonny Digital-produced "Sitll Workin'." Providing feverish vocals to over Digital's equally intense production, Makonnen takes his pitch up an octave to a near-screeching level. Rich The Kid counters with his traditional sound to even the track out. Check it above.

The two teamed up for Whip It during last week's A3C Festival in Atlanta. "The motivation [behind Whip It] was what I deal with everyday," Rich The Kid told Fader via e-mail. "I work really hard but have to deal with people purposely trying to get in our way. I know Makonnen feels the same way, that's why the song has that much energy."

Whip It does not have a release date but is expected to drop any day now.