Paper chasing ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Brooklyn rapper Dyme-A-Duzin debuts his music video for his latest single, "That Chicken." A former feature on The Break, the Crown Heights native reminisces on simpler times and wonders how being ruled by the dollar bill can lead to such violence in his hood.

"How we praying for a come up, tinted like shades in the summer/Totin' Ak's with a drummer/Outraged when police slay our brothers/Next week on the same street spraying one another, nigga."

Roaming neighborhood streets, commandeering a Mister Softee truck and hanging off the Utica Avenue sign, the narrative of the video shows Dyme and his clique sticking up a gas station, black masks and all. While his boys cause the havoc, the 22-year-old MC remains laid back and almost sullen in the backseat passenger. As his friends celebrate their newfound fortune at the local Crown Fried Chicken, the video ends with a sample of monologue by Louis Farrakhan reenacted by a bystander.

Peep the visual for the D-Major produced track above and stay tuned to Dyme's upcoming mixtape, Crown Fried later this fall.