Earl Sweatshirt's musical production has seen a slight increase over the last couple of months after a very quiet 2014. Could that mean we will be getting the follow up to his 2013 project, Doris, soon? Today a little hope seeps in as we get a new track from the Odd Future member titled "Quest/Power." On the unexpected cut, Earl uses his trademark baritone to ride the ups and downs of the laidback chord-driven instrumental from Samiyam and Budgie. The cover art for the single looks like a screen shot from the 80s B-movie cult classic The Toxic Avenger.

The last time we heard from Earl was on the track “silenceDArapgame” featuring Ka'Nel, last month. Before that, he unveiled five new songs during a concert in Sana Ana, Ca in December. Could more new music be on the way?

Stream the latest track from Earl S., above.

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