Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy are hitting the road this summer. But the Boys Of Zummer, as they have dubbed themselves, aren't content to tackle stadiums with just their separate catalogs. Wiz has jumped on the remix for "Uma Thurman," an uptempo pop-rock track from Fall Out Boy's new album American Beauty/American Psycho, which is available now.

"Uma Thurman" marks the first time Wiz has rapped about his breakup with Amber Rose. While he doesn't refer to his estranged wife by name, the Pittsburgh native does say "I just canceled my old, so I'm about to get a new girl," a definitive break if there ever was one. Wiz continues to pare down his style, aiming for the center of the commercial radio dial. Sprinkling name drops (Brad Pitt) and ready-made Instagram captions ("I can beat it up, but just don't think that I'm abusive"), the artist behind "Black & Yellow" further positions himself as a bankable festival draw.

As for the rest of the track, it's tailor-made for those radio programmers Wiz is courting, all hook and call-and-response breaks. The vocal mix recalls the early-2000s pop-punk heyday that sparked Fall Out Boy's career. The unlikely (but insanely profitable) pairing embarks on the 40-date Boys Of Zummer tour in June, starting in New Jersey and ending in Los Angeles two months later. Hoodie Allen will be in tow as a supporting act.

Tickets for the tour became available today (Jan. 23). You can purchase them directly from Fall Out Boy's website.

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