Meet the producer/rapper from Toronto who is putting a new flavor to golden age hip-hop.

At 19, Toronto's Raz Fresco could be the youngest veteran in hip-hop. Having already released six projects and produced for some of the industry's biggest names including Wale, B.o.B, Tyga and Mac Miller, Raz gathered a cult following in both Canada and the States over the last few years.

Building a relationship with DJ Holiday when he was only 15 years old brought young Raz from Toronto to Atlanta, swimming through some of the city’s biggest nightclubs and observing how the industry works at a very young age. And it shows in how he releases his music. Perhaps what makes Raz Fresco most intriguing is his zeal for golden era hip-hop. After all, he was born a year after Illmatic came out.

Raz’s affinity for the hustle has recently created opportunities for himself as he signed to Duckdown Records though a distribution deal in May of this year. Raekwon has also show him love and is scheduled to make an appearance on his upcoming debut album, Pablo Frescobar.

Raz Fresco’s music doesn’t sound forced. Think of Joey Bada$$ before there was even such a thing. The raw, up-tempo drums and funky synths laid out behind Raz’ young, semi high-pitched voice in 2012’s Cakey Pocket$ is a prime example of what he offers. On the song "Motive$," Raz describes the temptations of premature opportunities ruining his chances for long-run success–something he’s always analyzed. And it has always helped him see the bigger picture.

Raz Fresco was featured in XXL’s The Break last year, but the anticipation for his forthcoming LP is too big to ignore. We caught up with Raz to speak about being affiliated with Duck Down, life in Toronto,  old school New York rap and more. Get to know Raz Fresco in The Come Up.—Paul Meara

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