On June 11, Jarren Benton will release his debut album My Grandma’s Basement through budding indie label Funk Volume. It’s been a long journey for the now 31-year-old Decatur native, who for years struggled to find his niche in a city that didn’t completely take to his frenetic, outside-the-box approach. “There were plenty of times where I felt like I really needed to take a step back and maybe hang this music shit up,” Benton admits. But before these thoughts could get the better of him, Jarren began to turn heads with the release of “Skitzo” in 2011, which has received over 1.3 million YouTube views to date and eventually led to his signing with Funk Volume. Weeks after the signing, he dropped his 2012 breakout mixtape Freebasing With Kevin Bacon. With My Grandma’s Basement less than a week away, we spoke with Jarren, who dished on his background, how he ended up at Funk Volume and what fans can expect from his debut LP.