Ralphige is at it again. Unusually quiet at the start of this year, the prank caller struck twice in the past week alone. First, the prankster appeared on "Tape Convo," The Game’s version of Young Buck’s “Taped Conversation”; and just yesterday a Buck prank call leaked onto the internet. Posing as various characters, a relentless Ralphige repeatedly called Buck until the Cashville rapper threatened to call the police.

“I pranked him about eight times in the course of three months,” Ralphige told XXLMag.com. “I called him a shit load of times as different characters until he flipped out. The call I just released was the most recent done last month.”

As previously reported, a tearful Buck begged 50 to keep him in G-Unit in a recorded conversation that recently surfaced onto the net. The leak prompted Buck to respond with "Taped Conversation." Meanwhile, Game’s camp reached out to Ralphige to feature his work on Game’s unauthorized remix of Buck's song only a day after the controversial convo hit the net.

“They asked me if I had clips of 50 Cent or any G-Unit member prank that was embarrassing to them,” Ralphige explained. “I selected a few and they used it.”

While Ralphige won’t divulge whether he was compensated for his sound bites, he does plan on capitalizing on future pranks. The Floridian is presently working on an animated series to showcase his calls.

“I have a cartoon show in the works,” Ralphige revealed. “I got tired of the wait, so I just leaked episode 1 on youtube. It is the Scott Storch call animated. I don't care where it lands as long as I get paid. HBO, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network. They all have money that I want.”--Carl Chery