There are few things that make you feel more naked than forgetting your wallet or car keys. However, for someone like Ralo, who hails from the perilous streets of Atlanta, having your gun jam up on you in your time of need might be just a tad more inconveniencing. The Famerican Gangster artist makes it clear he hopes this never happens on "I Hope It Don't Jam," a grim trap prayer featuring 21 Savage and Jefe.

Over a dark Cassius Jay-produced trap instrumental, Ralo uses his signature high pitch voice to convey a sense of urgency as he jumps into the track's first verse, which finds him threatening his enemies. For his part, 21 delivers a casually intense hook as he touches on drug abuse and his hope that his weapon always works correctly.

"I just this motherfucker don't jam," 21 says in the first part of the hook. "I need you right now I can't let these niggas kill me/I wish my granny was alive I know that she would feel me/Abusing all these drugs that's the only thing that heals me."

Jefe also manages to come through with an energetic verse, sounding fearless and ferocious while managing to work in a Malcom X reference into his 16. Nice.

"I Hope It Don't Jam" is the second single from Ralo's upcoming project Famerican Gangster 2, which is a direct follow up to last year's Diary of the Streets II and a sequel to his 2015 project, Famerican Gangster. Ralo's newest project is set to feature the likes of Lil Yachty, 21 Savage, Birdman, YFN Lucci, Jefé (fka Shy Glizzy) and RT Skool Boi and it will include production from Zaytoven, Goose, Cassius Jay, Ricky Racks, Frank Forbes.

Famerican Gangster 2 is all set to drop on Feb. 12.

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