Last week, Lil Wayne took to Twitter to tell his fans (and Pusha T) that the release of his long-awaited Carter V was being delayed by Cash Money Records. Wayne's been on Cash Money since 1996, but tweeted that "I want off this label and nothing to do with these people but unfortunately it ain't that easy." Fans offered condolences. Pusha T offered a middle finger, tweeting at Wayne "if u wanna drop albums & don't want your CEO's rubbing they hands all in your videos, COME TO GOOD MUSIC!! (Suge Knight voice)."

In an interview with GQ to promote his new Adidas collaboration, Pusha T was asked if he actually wanted Lil Wayne on GOOD Music. "I don't know. I just like the fact that I'm a prophet because of my song 'Exodus.'" On "Exodus," a not particularly subtle diss aimed at Wayne released in 2012, Pusha T mocks the lil Louisianan for his career self-sabotage.

Pusha T added, clearly unable to hide his disdain, "Well 'Ye actually likes Wayne, so they could probably make some good music together. But who knows." A Lil Wayne and Pusha T collaboration probably isn't happening any time soon. —Torii MacAdams