Manolo Rose releases his new song "2 Dope Boyz" featuring Rowdy Rebel exclusively with XXL. The track is a banger. "2 Dope Boys on the avenue/Hoppin' out the g-ride chain glistenin'/Mink draggin' on the floor not to mention/the bitches they love us they want to fuck us," Manolo raps on the hook for "2 Dope Boyz." Rowdy takes care of the first verse, singing praises about his crew GS9 ("The bitches they love us they want fuck us/GS9 are my niggas, they my brothers"). Halfway through, the currently incarcerated MC's verse, R.R. switches his delivery up that similar to Bobby Shmurda's "Hot Boys" flow.

The Brooklyn/Far Rockaway native brings the noise for the second verse, boasting about his clips and how he's a young boss. "Cameras watching where I'm shooting, keep your mask on/Splash brothers with the hands, fuck that/I'm passed that, yea n---a Manolo wrote it," he raps. "2 Dope Boyz" is produced by Fame School Slim. Rose will be dropping his new mixtape Concrete Rose on June 2. Check out the artwork below.

Manolo :Rowdy