With the release of their new mixtape We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 3, Virginia rap group Clipse is finally back after a year hiatus. While the two Thornton brothers (Pusha T and Malice) have always made a great tag-team, we wanted to find out which MC our readers felt was superior. So, when we asked you "Which Clipse Member Is A Better MC?," 69% of you had to choose younger brother Pusha T. But with an album by the Re-Up Gang and a Clipse group album on the way through their new deal with Columbia, Malice will have plenty of chances to prove you wrong. Check out the full results below, and don't forget to vote in all our polls on the home page:

Which Clipse Member Is A Better MC?

1. Pusha T 69%
2. Malice 25%
3. Ab-Liva & Sandman beat them both! 5%