Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke have come up with an interesting argument for the lawsuit filed against them for the hit record "Blurred Lines." After reports broke that Robin Thicke had given full credit to Pharrell for the chart topping track, the two file new documents arguing that  they are no different than classic great Beethoven for "stealing" music.

According to TMZ, Williams and Thicke claim that while their song repeats several notes like Marvin Gaye's, "Got to Give It Up," it did not rip it off. Their document states that "Blurred Lines" is like Beethoven's "5th Symphony" because it repeats the same notes over and over. They also argue that the track has more in common with the 1960s song,  "Working In a Coal Mine," then the song in question "Got to Give It Up."

Last year the duo and T.I. We're slapped with a lawsuit filed by Gaye's family for allegedly sampling his song.