Three months removed from dropping his Spaghetti Factory mixtape, Peewee Longway resurfaces in Split, a new short film that's brought to you by French DJ Brodinski. The film features the Brodinski and Peewee collab of the same name.

In the Pavel Brenner-directed video, which takes place in Eastern Europe and L.A., follows a trio of men as a tale of revenge unfolds. Peewee's song, which is essentially the constant repeating of one refrain, soundtracks the tune.

"I've got that Arm & Hammer/I learned how to split/I've got that Arm & Hammer/I learned how to split/I'm on codeine, I think I'm seeing dead people," Longway spits on the track. He literally doesn't say much, but he sounds amazing.

"Split," which is the first single from Brodinski's forthcoming eponymous EP, is just the latest collaboration the DJ has worked on with a rapper. In the past, he's collabed with the likes of Danny Brown, 21 Savage and Kanye West. With this history in mind, his EP could be pretty epic.

Check out Brodinski's short film for yourself below. Peep Longway's The Wolf of Wall Street-referencing video for "Can't Get Enough" when you're done.

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