Paul Wall and Baby Bash appeared in a Houston courtroom Tuesday (Dec. 27) after the two were arrested on felony drug charges a few days prior. As local NBC affiliate KRPC 2 News is reporting, a judge found probable cause that each were engaging in organized criminal activity, charging them with manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance between 4 and 400 grams.

During Tuesday's hearing, the prosecutor said that undercover officers were made aware of an organized "smokeout" through the Instagram account “Secret Smoke Society." Marijuana, THC oil and pills were found at the party, which as well included a $10 cover charge.

The judge ordered random drug testing for both rappers, Wall saying that he would test positive for four substance is tested immediately. Wall's attorney said that he suffered from back pain, the judge asking to see a valid doctor's perscription as proof.

Catch a broadcast report of the court scene above, while below, Channel 2’s Hayley Hernandez shares photos from the proceedings. If found guilt, both Wall and Bash face penalties ranging from five years in prison to life. Over the weekend, Bash referred to the incident as "a little smoke out that got bigger than it should have been." He said of the party, "People had edibles and people had dabs. There were no drugs...I want people to know, it was basically me and Paul were smoking some tree."

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