Owe me back like 40 acres to blacks, indeed.

SOHH.com workhorse Cyrus Langhorne—who dons either a pseudonym or the best name in rap coverage, including Toure—often does a great job connecting news stories. However, I’m gonna give today’s “Hiyooooo” Award to TMZ’s title for the original piece covering Nas’ federal tax lein.

Kelis will have to wait in line, indeed. Them $45,000 monthly payments are gonna have to be retroactive or some shit.

As if the spousal support hit and forthcoming child support weren’t going break a nigga hard enough, Nas reportedly owes $2.5 million in taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. The fucked up part is I can only think of one thing. If that’s just his federal bill, I wonder what the state jawn looks like. Is this nigga like $5 million dollars in the hole?

I guess that’s why Nas’ name and image are now somberly placed on Hennessy ads--alongside headwrap/coffee shop legends like Common, De La Soul and The Roots--after so adamantly denying participating in a beer commercial on an MTV documentary several years ago. I forget which documentary exactly, but I remember Nas riding in the backseat of a car through New York on his cell phone. He makes a couple of faces that indicate he’s not really listening to the suit on the other end of the line and says “They trynna get me to do a beer commercial. Not gonna happen,” into the camera. This is to put his righteous enlightenment on display for all to see, of course.

Sheeeeeit. Nigga might do a rock cocaine commercial today if they’re paying. Hmmm... Maybe it should be a Rock Co.Kane Commercial. Yeah, I said it! Har. Har. Sorry about the crack jokes. I’ve still got DMX residue in my brain from yesterday.

[Blogger’s Note: Brain ain’t right from inhaling the work all my life. Fuck it!]

It’s gonna take more help from the rapster community than just Ludacris bringing Nas out at performances to beat that price tag. The fucking Universoul Circus is going to have to bring him out when they’re in town. Please note that Ludacris brought Nas out at the Heineken Red Star Soul concert, which is essentially a giant beer commercial with negroes playing live background music. I’d throw down two-to-one that Heineken is the company Nas so smugly turned down for an ad spot on MTV.

Funny how shit comes back full circle like that. This entire situation is probably cosmic getback for “You Owe Me”. Ginuwine has already suffered his share. No one cared. I wonder when Timbaland’s getting his. Or maybe I'm just still bitter about that horrible fucking track.

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P.S.: It seems like nonpayment of bills or their associated repercussions are contagious. Looks like ole Luda just got slapped with a chunky outstanding balance of his own. It might be time for real niggas to seriously quarantine the financially irresponsible in their midst.

I mean, damn. These are supposed to be the niggas that done actually made it and got rich off this shit.

P.P.S.: "You Owe Me" has the 2Pac sex song digression [see: "How Do U Want It", "Toss It Up"], except Nas' shit is at the beginning... and the song is terrible.

P.P.P.S.: Did I mention that I hate "You Owe Me"?