Top of the morning, fruits.

As we "speak," I'm in a BreadCo (do people in other cities use the term BreadCo?) across the street from the Y (not really the Y) where I'm gonna be staying this weekend while I'm in Chicago for the Pitchfork Music Festival.

I've been taking advantage of the free wifi, and I was about to take a look at some pr0n - just because I suffer from issues like that. But this place started getting mad busy just in the last few minutes. I'm gonna have to hurry up and get finished before the lunch rush really gets going. No Boutros. My bad if this entry is not up to my usual low standards.

Depending on how my body reacts to what I'm about to do to it (I'm not as young as I used to be), I might post some updates re: the festival on my own site (which, oddly enough, you can't access in a BreadCo) in the next couple of days. So you might want to check for that, if that's your kind of thing.

There's not gonna be a whole lot of hip-hop at P-fork this year, but there is gonna be some. And what little there is gonna be could be incredible. I guess they figured, if they were only gonna offer a few token rap acts this year, they'd better come widdit, as they used to say back in the mid '90s.

I'm especially psyched for Public Enemy, who I'm gonna be seeing tonight performing their classic album, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, in its entirety, as part of the Don't Look Back series of concerts where artists... um, perform their classic albums in their entirety.

Last year, I saw the GZA do Liquid Swords and Sonic Youth do Daydream Nation here in the Chi and it was a gas. So I'm thinking PE doing Nation of Millions could be the proverbial best shit evar.

My only concern is that I saw PE last summer, at Rock the Bells, and I didn't really care for them. That performance was actually billed as some sort of 20th year anniversary as well - I guess of Yo! Bumrush the Show, though I don't recall them doing anything from that album. But the real issue was that they were performing with some sort of live band, and I just didn't think they were that good.

And then Flava Flav, at the height of his fame as a minstrel performer (what else can you call him?) came out and wanted to do his own mini set right in the middle of PE's set, as if anyone would really be interested in seeing that. Maybe if he brought some hoes out and made them do something strange for some change, while shouting, "Flava Flaaaav!"

But if PE can check those two issues, we could be in for a real treat tonight.

The other main hip-hop act isn't until Sunday, when Raekwon and Ghostface are gonna be perfoming. Together, on some Cuban Linx shit. Hopefully, their set is confined to their classic collabos from back in the day, and maybe a few joints from recent Ghostface albums that happened to feature Raekwon. I'm gonna be upset if I hear any songs from any Raekwon albums post-OB4CL.

Fortunately, Ghostface is gonna be involved, and his ability to tell the difference between a good idea and a bad one is virtually unparalleled in hip-hop. It's the reason why he's the only one of them n-bombs who still has a career, such as it is. Maybe he'll even do that thing where he pulls a bunch of girls from the audience to dance to "Cherchez La Ghost."

The Pitchfork Music Festival, as you might have suspected, isn't particularly known for drawing a lot of top shelf pussy, but you guys know - proud black man that I am - I often find myself attracted to white chicks who are wholly mediocre. I've only been here a mere matter of hours, and I've already seen a number of women I wouldn't mind dragging back to my room at the Y.

Holy crap, this could be a good weekend!