Last month, Omarion made it known just how unimpressed he was with the Grammy nominations. The singer felt that "Post To Be," his massive collaboration with Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko, deserved to be nominated, and was incensed when it wasn't. But instead of brooding, the long time star hopped back in the booth; he returns with "I Ain't Even Done," which pairs him with the legendary Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ghostface Killah.

The song is built around an aggressive drum loop and a flute sample, and is anchored by Ghost's gruff, guttural vocals. Where he was once known for his psychedelic free-association, in recent years he's orbited closer to classicist New York street rap, which he's now funneling into a sort of rebirth.

Ghost appears most recently on the soundtrack to the documentary film Rubble Kings, which documents the legendary Hoe Avenue peace summit that took place in the Bronx in December 1971. The meeting was precipitated by the murder of Black Benjie, a well-known peacekeeper, and was attended by the leadership groups of almost every prominent gang in the five boroughs. It led to a major truce, the scale of which was unprecedented at the time.

Omarion's last solo release was The Care Package 3, an EP he issued last November. His next full-length offering, Reasons, is expected to be released some time this year. He currently serves as the most prominent singing voice in Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group.

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