It appears that Atlanta cops made a big mistake. Migos member Offset was arrested yesterday (March 17) for driving with a suspended license, but the arrest never should have happened.

TMZ reports that Offset did pay his $316 fine for a suspended license back in December when he was released from jail.

Offset was pulled over for his car having tinted windows. When police ran his name through the system, he came up for a suspended license and was arrested. The Atlanta Municipal Court admitted that this was a mistake as Offset paid the fine just like his lawyer Drew Finding said. Still, the Migos member had to stay in jail overnight and pay a $1,900 bond to get out today (March 18).

According to the report, the Atlanta rapper should get his $1,900 back in a few weeks. A court clerk told TMZ that Offset was still issued a new ticket for the tinted windows. Offset's lawyer says the ticket has already been tossed out.

Offset must be happy that this is all over now, but it has to be a frustrating situation. The "Fight Night" rapper had to spend eight months in prison last year after he was denied bail on three different occasions. All three members of Migos were arrested last April before a scheduled performance at Georgia Southern University. Quavo and Takeoff were able to get released on bond, but Offset was denied. He would remain in jail until December.

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