O.T. Genasis keeps on proving the doubters wrong as the California native shows he is no one-hit wonder. The rapper made waves with the single "Coco" and followed that up with "Cut It." It looks like "Push It" might be his next ticket to a hit as he put together a video for the track. The music video keeps it simple as O.T. is seen with his crew, rapping about his perseverance to get the money.

"I was mobbing through the beach, yeah the city by the sea/Mama tried to keep me home, but I love the fucking streets/I was cooking up a Ki, tryna serve it to the streets/Couple niggas had beef so I had to Chief Keef/I got homies from the two, I got homies from the three/I keep everything neutral, I just wanna smoke a leaf/I was running up a check, try me, he gon' get the TEC/Hear a lot of niggas talk, ain't a nigga press me yet/I'm in Houston, V Live, throwing racks, that's a bet/And you ain't a real nigga if you don't rep your set," O.T. Genasis raps.

O.T. Genasis has spoken about the pressure he felt into following up the smash hit "Coco." The rapper explained he was afraid to fail.

"It was a problem for me because when I did the record it was so big here and overseas and it happened at the same time," O.T. Genasis said. "So I was actually scared. I was scared to lose. It was so much pressure and I’m scared to fail that it was crazy. But at the same time, I just forgot everything. In the beginning, it was just me and I forgot to just keep it original and be yourself."

If you have not been keeping up, O.T. Genasis also dropped a couple of remixes of "Cut It" last month. The first remix featured Kevin Gates and Young Thug while O.T. enlisted Lil Wayne and T.I. for the second.

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