Drake's Scorpion release has been all everyone has been talking about, and apparently all everyone has been streaming, since its release. But one of the men who had a huge hand in the Toronto rapper's album can't seem to fully enjoy it because of a heavy heart. A rash of violence has reportedly befallen the city of Toronto and Drizzy's right-hand producer, Noah "40" Shebib, is addressing it and has plans to do something about it.

On Saturday (July 7), the hitmaker hopped on Twitter and put up a lengthy statement about his feelings on the situation. "I'd like to share my thoughts on the rash of recent gun violence in the city for a number of reasons," he started. "First being that I was born and raised in Toronto, and am still a resident. More importantly my colleagues are being murdered, and I've lost close friends to gun violence. I can't rest in good conscience knowing I can say, and more importantly do, something. I, like many Torontonians, am not content with intermittent support in moments of tension. Nor can I endorse responses that help further the prison industrial complex. Gun violence has been and continues to be a problem in our city. The longer this lingers without us intervening in meaningful, sustainable, non-colonial ways, the greater the jeopardy of Toronto's youth."

40's statement comes on the heels of the murder of up-and-coming T Dot rapper, Smoke Dawg. Last September, the violence hit close to the OVO family when affiliate, Fif, was gunned down.

The producer has a plan."Over the last two years, I have collaborated with a team of invested and qualified individuals to help develop sustainable solutions to our city's violence problem," he added. "Our project is not a reactionary one. We have been proactively working on a project the entire city and country can be proud of. There are no easy answers and we are asking for patience from the pubic before we share details, but the last few weeks have been heavy. The pain is palpable. I can see it in people's eyes, I hear it in their voices; and I can no longer remain silent."

Check out 40's full statement below

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