Lil Wayne only has four things on his mind: money, sex, drugs and of course that cold, beautiful, porcelain bowl. Yup, that’s right, it’s about that time again. I downloaded the shit, I listened to the shit, and now I scooped it all up to shove it in your face.

Difference is, this time around I collected five of my favorite lines from all of Weezy’s most popular topics of discussion. You might not fuck with him, but you gotta respect him; the man is an undeniable, silly genius.

As the headline reads, Weezy might not have any ceilings, but he’s definitely got mad punch lines. You can bob and weave all you want, but the dude’s gonna connect… and unlike the rest of these jokers, all he needs is one dope mixtape to do so. For those that don’t know what I’m talking, go pick that up already you late mo'fuckas. Enjoy… —Jesse Gissen

[Listed in no particular order]

The Shit List Part Deux
“Shit on a track/Shit on a train/Murder the beat/The beat was slain...” – “Oh, Let’s Do It”

“I’m talking big shit, ni$$a/Join my hit list, ni$$a/What's the matter/Check your bladder/I'm the shit, piss ni$$a…” - “Swag Surf"

“Young Money, baby/Big shit like a horse ass...” - “Throw It In The Bag (Remix)”

“Loose bowels/The shit so easy ‘I might send this to the mixtape Weezy’...” -  “D.O.A.”

“Young Money we the shit/Big stomachs...” – “Ice Cream”

Money on My Mind
“I got them green backs like I laid in the grass...” - “I’m Good”

“Long dough/No short bread/No lorna dune...” – “That’s all I Have”

“You can’t be broke and happy/So me, I’m mad rich...” - “Throw It In The Bag (Remix)”

“Big shit, ni$$a/Talk big shit, ni$$a/Big bread/Bread like a picnic, ni$$a...” – “Ice Cream”

“Finger on the button/Ni$$a just stuntin'/If you ain’t the bank teller/Don’t tell me nuthin’...” - “Ice Cream”

I Get High
“So cold I need Theraflu/I’m so high I need parachutes...”-  “Sweet Dream”

“Get a pound/Break it down/Blow it like trial...”- “Wasted (Remix)”

“Sheesh gosh/Osh Kosh B’gosh/Smoking on that Bob Marley/Listenin' to P. Tosh...” - “Watch My Shoes”

“Smoking purple/I heard it to the grape vine...” - “No Ceiling”

"I smoke mad weed/I’m on my high horse...” - “Ice Cream”

Sexy Time
“When it comes to head/I got the head of the class...” - “I’m Good”

“Take a ni$$a bitch/She ride my dick like she cycling/Then she can’t walk, run or jump like White men...” -  “Oh, Let's Do It”

“Let me get on my super shit/Super ill/Super sick/Dawg, I got super Vick/Ran into a superwoman/Turned her to a super bitch/Hit her with that super dick/She be coming super quick...” - “Run This Town”

“She said she wish she could cut my dick off and take it with her/I say, 'Hold up'/She say she just playing/Then I falls in that pussy like quicksand/Uh, hot sex and cold wine/She left that ni$$a hanging like a clothesline/I cut my phones off/Both lines/It’s about to get nasty/Pork rinds...” - “Single”

“She love to rock my mic/Said there’s nothing like performing/Man, I’m in love with her grill/George Foreman...”  - “Banned From TV”

Crazy Town
“Nice tires on the ‘gini/You should wanna king me/Brain dead flow/Vegetable/ Zucchini...” - “Break Up”

“Man, I go crazy on a beat/I go nimrod…anybody's beat I’m gonna go Archie Bunkers...” - “Run This Town”

“Sillier than Vic said/Soulja boy and Arab...” -“Watch My Shoes”

“Spit hanging from my mouth/Retard flow...” - “D.O.A.”

“Flow crazy/I need a counselor...” - “I Got No Ceiling”

What are you guys’ favorite lines from No Ceilings so far?

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