Days after Kodak Black made some controversial remarks about the late Nipsey Hussle's girlfriend, Lauren London, Norfolk, Va. Nipsey fans held a Nipsey memorial outside Kodak's concert at the NorVa venue on Sunday (April 7).

In one clip, a fan is lighting up candles in front of a memorial featuring pictures of Nipsey and blue balloons tied to a fence. In another video, you can see handwritten messages from fans on billboards dedicated to the late Los Angeles rapper.

This news comes as Kodak is getting backlash for his comments about London on Instagram Live last Saturday (April 6). In the comments, Kodak mentioned that London was "about to be a whole widow" after calling her "baby" and saying that he'd give her time to grieve before reaching out.

For his part, Kodak delivered what many are calling an empty apology to London. He's been called out by T.I. and The Game for his comments, but he isn't backing down from them.

"Hell yeah, I said what I said," he said on his IG Live. "What the fuck? Y'all expect her to be single forever? I said I'll give her a year to grieve and cry. Hell yeah, she a bad bitch."

"If I disrespected you Lauren London, in any shape or form, I'm sorry," continued. "Even though I didn't. And rest in peace to dude. Y'all already know what I said. I said dude encouraged me to do shit for the community. My bad, to them too"

"But for all you other people trying to fake act like you little boying me on the internet or checking me on the internet, that's how you wanna feel...Wherever y'all see me at, if that's how you feel, that's how you feel," he added. "Don't try to little boy me on the internet."

You can see fans holding a vigil for Nipsey Hussle outside of Kodak Black's show below.

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