Nicki Minaj was a source of contention two years ago at Summer Jam after skipping out on a performance because of DJ Peter Rosenberg's comments. On Sunday, she postured herself as the concert's biggest star, consistently thrilling the crowd through a litany of hits and guests.

Sporting a golden see-through, Minaj strolled on stage and performed her career-making verse on "Monster."  Young Thug, Lil Herb and Soulja Boy assisted Minaj as she went through her recent remixes of "Danny Glover," "Chi-Raq" and promotional single "Yasss Bish." She was unquestionably the queen through it all though, and her solo performances of "Did It On Em" and callback to her "Up All Night" verse reconfirmed that.

The biggest moment came when Minaj cut the music off to get something off her chest.

“It's a nigga in Young Money that I’m ain’t fucking with right now,” Nicki said. “Drake, I used to love you, but nigga I don’t fuck with you no more."

That was because he was on his "Worst Behavior." Drake came on stage to perform the song after the joke before Lil Wayne swung by to perform "Believe Me" with his protege.

The Young Money trio played "Loyal" as a shoutout to Chris Brown. But Minaj, always putting on for the ladies, interrupted the hook to say that, yes, the boys aren't loyal all the time either. "Trophies" played before the trio took their leave.