A number of details have been revealed about Nicki Minaj's album The Pink Print over the last couple of weeks, including the latest single "Pills N Potions," but there are still some things in limbo. According Ms. Minaj, label mate Drake's appearance on the LP is still up in the air. "So far he’s sent me two joints already for the album,” she said during a phoner with On Aire With Ryan Seacrest, speaking on Drizzy's attempts to collab. Nicki revealed she is still working on the project and a joint with Aubrey may or may not make the cut. “We’re still discussing them and still making some changes, but I don’t have an official Drake song yet. So, I can’t say that Drake will be on my album because I never want to just say stuff until it’s official."

Minaj also addresses the aforementioned "Pills N Potions" which she previously stated would be "a great indicator of what The Pink Print will feel like in terms of the storyline." “I feel like it’s kind of like a tragic love story,” she said. “And it doesn’t even necessarily have to be like a boy and girl relationship. I just kinda feel like while I was working on the album I started realizing how much I’ve changed. How people change. And how people come in and out of your life and I just felt like talking about that. I had never really discussed that…I love that it has the [last] feeling of no matter what I still love. There’s still love there. And that’s pretty much what the song means to me. I think so many people can relate to that.”

Oh yeah, The Pink Print, still doesn't have a release date. Check out the entire interview, below.