I believe most of you will agree that MTV’s 2009 Hottest MCs in the Game list was more illegitimate than Diddy’s lyrics. (Hey, he said it himself: “I don’t write rhymes, I write checks").

While there’s debate about positioning (Fabolous over 50 Cent, Raekwon, Gucci Mane over Jeezy) and who didn’t even make the cut (Eminem, T.I., etc.) I think there’s an even bigger problem—they forgot the 11th hottest MC in the game.

I know 10 is a nice round number but it’s not every day that such a talented artist like this comes along. So I feel they should’ve made an exception. I mean, this kid meets almost all the criteria the MTV brain trust used to make their precious list. Lyrics, flow, impact, buzz, sales and the all important intangibles, my man got it all in the bag.

Who am I giving all this praise to? None other than Bangs the Great. No, not Cam’ron’s Cousin Bang or Juve the Great, but international Internet star in the making Bangs.

If you’re not up on Bangs and his “Take U to Da Movies” record, peep the video below:

Come on, you can’t tell me son don’t spit hot fire like Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and deserves his props. I came across this song last week and I can’t stop playing it. That’s gotta count for something, right?

Yeah, Bangs could work on his delivery a bit but even Kanye, who wound up being No. 4 on MTV’s list, used to have a sloppy delivery on his first mixtapes before stepping his bars up and bodying higher ranked artists on their own records (no shots).

Reppin’ Melbourne, Australia, Bangs is a Sudanese rapper that could easily be the Akon of rap with a built-in international fan base. In fact, the Senegalese singer could keep the dark skinned brother trend alive (shout out to T-Pain) and add Bangs to his Konvict Music roster.

How about G-Unit? The kid is clearly aiming at that “Candy Shop” audience with his single and has the 50 laugh down pat (a-ha!). Besides, Curtis and company already spend a lot of time overseas so why not lock in an artist with a bit of home court advantage.

Bangs could even go a whole other route and sign with Murder Inc. His sing-songy hooks would mesh well with Ja Rule and Bangs could easily be the marquee artist to help bring The Inc back. For all we know he might even be Black Child’s distant cousin or something.

Whether it’s Soulja Boy’s Stacks on Deck squad, Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music, Dipset or any of my aforementioned suggestions, I see big things in Bangs’ future. I know people are going to hate on the kid, but like his name, he’s great in my book. Why? Because he knows just what I like. Gyeah! —Anslem Samuel

You do know I’m kidding, right? But stranger things have happened and who’s to say that Bangs won’t get a deal off this record; if so, who do you think should sign him?