Last night Irv Gotti, pardon me, Irv Lorenzo threw a yacht party to celebrate his new venture with Universal Motown Records Group. The bash looked like one big moof get-together if you ask me. Remember back in the good ol’ Murder Inc. days when these guys were the toast of the town? Now they are hanging out with Wendy Williams, whom I am sure had the biggest penis on board the ship.

Jesus wept. Bless their hearts for trying to be relevant.

This guy doesn’t seem to be having any problems with remaining significant until his album drops. With each interview or television appearance, he keeps hitting us with “did he really just say that shit?” quotes. On 106 & Park yesterday, Skrippa Man revealed that production by Dr. Dre will not be featured on Doctor’s Advocate. “I don’t need Dre’s beats to define me,” said Game.

Now kids, before you start to get all angry and cancel your appointment to get that Game tattoo on your arm, let me console you. I’m sure he will back peddle his statements over the weekend. Breathe easy. You know how unstable that muthafucka is. Or maybe he really means what he says this time. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Finally, congratulations to El Presidente for becoming the first hip-hop artist to headline at the Royal Albert Hall this past Wednesday night in London. Too bad Beyonce got fucking trashed at the after-party. Hova could barely squeeze in a two step since he was too busy trying to hold up the boozylicious diva.

But we all know what went down when they return to their hotel room. Drunk pussy is still pussy I suppose.