One of the dirty little secrets of the hip-hop community is that conscious rappers are often the worst when it comes to acting up around women in the biz. While the thugs can normally be counted on to behave in professional settings, nine times out of ten the deep, thoughtful, political backpack dudes will try to cop a feel. Cause they’re progressive like that.

In the latest example of this trend, Phonte, the best rapper in Little Brother—known here at XXL for taking a strong, principled stance against the ignorance of the music industryhas called one of Canada’s top female rappers Eternia Tit-ernia. To her face. Cause he’s respectful like that.

E aired him out in a Dear Diary on her MySpace page. “I have had dudes in the industry who were not interested in me beyond a piece of ASS treat me with more respect than that,” she wrote. “LB has lost a fan for life.  No more shows for me.  No CD purchases.  No telling the world how they need to hear this group from NC.”

Tay, of course, responded in her comments section. “As I've been told by people who have worked with you in a much closer capacity, this is a symptom of a much larger personal issue,” he shot back. “I could say a whole lot more, but I won't.” 

He added: “Right now, you're looking like the 'crazy, emotional bitch female rapper' stereotype that your music does such a good job of debunking.”

Riiiight. As if Phonte comes out looking good on this one. As if his whole shtick isn’t based on him being an intelligent alternative to hip-hop's status quo.

Wonder what the holier-than-thou backpack Stans will have to say about this one. More likely than not, some snapperhead will pipe up and accuse Eternia of overreacting. Cause male rappers are never sensitive. Especially not when they feel dissed by a peer whose crew they’ve been down with for years.

I’ll let you fruit flies take it from here. No doubt the discussion will be enlightening.


Image above shamelessly jacked from the boards over at HipHopCanada. Sorry? Thanks?