Earlier this year Nas told the New York Daily News that his upcoming album would be titled “Nigga.” That would’ve put a lot of people in a weird place. Could you imagine a some poor white kid walking into Best Buy asking a clerk behind the counter if they had any new Nigga cds in stock? I don’t think members of the Hip Hop Summit would’ve appreciated that shit one bit. I’m sure by now that you have heard the news that Nas has decided to change the name of the upcoming disc to “Hip Hop Is Dead.”

Shit, maybe Nas is right and hip-hop really is dead, because there have been rumors going around that he is using a ghostwriter. I’m dismissing this rumor as being false though. I think this is all the work of Carmen Bryant sitting at home writing on message boards. Its okay if you salty folk. But if the rumors are true I already know who to blame:

I hope that Nas isn’t being influenced by the company he’s keeping.