50beard.jpg"New York Stand Up!" Yeah, lets do it! I hear the battle cries. But sorry to burst your bubble (Busta!), but you're not just going to make a NYC record and expect everything to be all better. You have to dig down to the root of the problem. When exactly did we lose it? Why aren't we doing records together? Why is everyone so angry? One school of thought is that it all links back to one man: 50 Cent.

Jadakiss is threatening to hit Puff with fridges over "If You Think I'm Jiggy" publishing. Fat Joe "allegedly" got dropped from his label and started flying pigeons in cell phone commercials. Ja Rule is doing barmitzahs and co-starring on Celebrity Cooking shows. Nas is signing with Jay-Z, the man who had his babymother in a 4 figure leg lock. Styles P's album is so pushed back it couldn't even get Lupe'd at this point. AZ became the first artist ever to brick on KOCH, where 100,000 gets you the keys to the label. DJ Green Lantern, the most talented mixtape DJ of my generation, gig was cut short due to executive decisions. Irv paid a few million just so Shyne wouldn't be his bunkie. And it's all the REAL head of Interscope's fault.

Think about it. 50 Cent went ballistic over a song that was trying to EMPOWER New York City, shutting down 3 gotham rapper's career in the process. Why? He says they were associating themselves with Ja, but it's really because they weren't down with The Unit. Get Down Or Lay Down, G-Unit style.

The rap Napoleon Bonaparte turned his G-Unit roster into a NYC lover’s dream, on paper at least. He's convinced Mobb Deep to stop dissing Hova and start dissing Jesus while praising the their own pagan god, Curtis "Billion Dollar Budget" Jackson. He signed M.O.P. And proceeded to do what every label has ever done for them, sit them on the shelf. And just when you thought Action Jackson was going to leave a few New Yorkers alone, he made Ma$e trade his church congregation in for a mini-mansion. Then like his new found mentor, Murda started dissing all the New Yorkers 50 forgot - The Diplomats, Fabolous and Loon.

Maybe Fif was right when he likened himself to a New York version George W. Bush, saying "No one likes me, but I run it!" Matter of fact, he's never been more right. Anyone who collaborates with Murder Inc becomes his weapons of mass destruction. His oil is record sales and fans he gains by destroying them. He has a Vice President in Yayo who, like Dick Chaney, is the center of a inexplicable murder case where no one is being charged. He's serving his term right after one of the most likable leaders in recent history, Shawn Corey Clinton. They both took offense to Kanye's Katrina tirade. And Condeleeza is in the same boat as Olivia, the token bitch nobody likes in his cabinet.

Now every new rapper is following half a dollar's lead. They're all trying to "flood the mixtapes" with half assed freestyles only changing two words from the original version. Random rapper from Northern Staten Island is dissing random rapper from Southern Staten Island on SMACK. There's been 6 million renditions of "How To Rob", from the good (Maino's "Rumors") to the bad (Big Sty's record, forgot the name) to the bizarre (Jin's "Fuck Jay-Z"). Long story short, NYC isn't going to come back unless someone overthrows the man in power. But don't get it twisted, 50 isn't going to bow out gracefully, he rules with an iron fist! Just ask the guy with the butterfly L.A. tattoo on his face. In the meantime, keep the hope alive youngins. Bring New York back! But just know that the road to the throne goes through 50.

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