Young Thug is getting sued due to his alleged refusal to pay for limo rides, according to TMZ. Hollywood Stars Limousines is suing the Atlanta rapper, accusing the “Wyclef Jean” artist of skipping out on a bill of $18,676.

The limousine company claims they drove Young Thug and his guests around 11 times during 2016, 10 of which took place in the month of June. Despite Thugger’s frequent use of the limo service, the enigmatic MC failed to pay for any of the rides. Hollywood Stars is simply seeking all of the $18,676 they are owed.

Young Thug's inability to fork over the money does not carry over to his charitable works, which he recently discussed in an interview with Paper Magazine. The Gucci Mane protégé spoke about how he frequently gives back to his old neighborhood.

“I think people only care about what affects them,” Thugger said. “It’s selfish, but I think it’s the truth. If they are not affected by being poor, they don’t typically fight for it. I remember not having anything, so I want to always stay involved. Whenever I go back to my side of town – Cleveland Ave – I know I have to bring money, because there’ll be friends or cousins or people I knew from 6th grade who are going to ask me for money. My fiancée always says I look like Santa Claus, because I’m just giving everyone something.”

Young Thug’s charitable efforts shine a different light on the 300 Entertainment artist, who has been in the news for all the wrong reasons as of late. The Atlanta native recently got arrested for missing a court date and drew the ire of social media for mocking two airline employees.

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