Kanye West is out of the hospital and in a great creative space. However, while he was still at UCLA Medical Center, some hospital employees looked at 'Ye's patient file without permission and might get fired, according to TMZ.

Multiple sources have told TMZ that certain hospital staffers couldn't resist looking at Kanye's medical information on the computer. Those sources have also told TMZ that officials at the medical center have conducted or are still conducting an investigation. One source says several dozen people either have been or will be fired.

Sources close to Kanye tell the publication they have not been contacted. Meanwhile, TMZ also reached out to UCLA for comment and got no response.

In other Kanye-related news, it turns out the Chi-town native was telling the truth when he rapped about buying back his own laptop for $250,000 from a family member on the song “Real Friends.” The UK’s Daily Mail confirmed the news in an interview with one of Kanye’s family members.

Yeezy’s cousin, Lawrence Franklin (who is not the cousin who forced ‘Ye to cough up $250,000), gives an extensive interview with Daily Mail, in which he discusses the laptop fiasco in detail. Franklin explains how the video in question featured Kanye with an unknown, light-skinned African-American woman. The laptop was originally given away to a family member as a gift in 2012, and then it was lent to another family member.

There's no denying that Yeezy had a bumpy 2016. Check out the many highs and lows of the year for Kanye right here.

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