Few symbols in the world elicit the visceral rage that the Swastika does, and it appears that one Russian diplomat couldn't control his anger after seeing Mongolian rapper Amraa wear the symbol on his outfit. The diplomat allegedly beat the rapper into a coma after seeing the incendiary symbol. You can see footage of the aftermath up top.

According to BBC, Russian news reporters claim that Amraa, real name Amarmandakh Sukhbaatar, was struck over the head with a bottle and kicked in the face several times afterwards. The Russian embassy called the press reports "distorted," but said they would investigate. Amraa's father corroborated the reports and claimed that his son spent 10 days in a coma after the beating. "My son was hit in the face several times with a metal object and was seriously injured. His brain was seriously hurt," he revealed about his son's condition.

Although the Swastika is now synonymous with the Nazi party, it was actually used in Mongolia long before Hitler even knew it existed. Amraa's father showcased a book of Swastika designs to explain that the symbol isn't an evil one in his native Mongolia.

Amraa is known as the lead singer/rapper of Khar Sarnai [Black Rose], and his songs often deal with history of Mongolia, so it might be safe to say he wears the Swastika as a way to pay homage to Mongolia's culture.

Rumors spread that the suspect in question, the aforementioned Russian diplomat, wasn't arrested because of diplomatic immunity, but a police spokesperson claims that the case is still under investigation and that the diplomat wasn't held because Amraa's injuries are "not serious."

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