On Love & Hip Hop: New York last week, Snoop ended her relationship with J. Adrienne. The theme of cutting ties plays out in this week's episode as well.

Kicking things off, Erika and Yandy continue to bicker with each other. Since Erika discovered that Yandy changed the locks to her apartment, it's been nonstop arguing. Erika also takes note that Judy, who has made negative remarks about Yandy in the past, has sided with her daughter-in-law, a clear sign that she is outnumbered and that Yandy's actions weren't made all on her own.

Yandy says that Erika's name was only on the lease because her and Mendeecees felt pity for her. Yandy also reveals that Mendeecees gave her power of attorney over all of his assets, including the apartment that Erika is staying in. Mendeecees apparently told Yandy that he wishes Erika never had his child, a blow that hits Erika to the core. In turn, Erika says that Mendeecees has been contacting her from jail to request pictures and letters from him. Yandy is steadfast in her loyalty to Mendeecees and says that nothing will make her believe otherwise. This shouting match seems to put Yandy on top, but Erika says since her name is on the lease so she plans to change the locks back and is hell-bent on winning the war.

In an attempt to take his daughter Ashley under his wing, Rich Dollaz puts her to work in the restaraunt that he owns to show her the power of a good work ethic. Rich's Creep Squad member Cisco pops in for a sit-down and tells Rich about his meeting with Mariahlynn, news that rubs Rich the wrong way. When Cisco suggests that he may be interested in working with Mariahlynn on the business front, Rich Dollaz mentions DJ Self's intentions of signing her. Rich feels Cisco's decision to pursue a working relationship with Mariah without consulting with DJ Self first is in conflict to the Creep Squad's brotherhood.

Bianca shows up at Hot 97 to confront Drewski and blow off steam about her run-in with his girlfriend, Sky. Drewski, who has been patient with Bianca and her spat with Sky, begins to get agitated about Bianca's actions. Since Bianca has no respect for his relationship with Sky, they can no longer be friends. Although Bianca is clearly hurt by Drewski's decision, she remains prideful, hurling an insult at her former business partner upon her exit.

After his meeting with Cisco and learning about his meeting with Mariahlynn, Rich pays DJ Self a visit to give him the news. DJ Self is appalled at Cisco's actions. This looks like the beginnings of a war between the three, as Rich decides to take DJ Self's side in his beef with Cisco.

Cardi B takes a nice hot bubble bath while FaceTiming with Bianca, who gives Cardi a recap of what went down between her, Drewski and Sky. She also brings up her discomfort with Mariahlynn going behind her back and informing Sky about her plans. Cardi B remains neutral because she can clearly see that the situation between Bianca and Mariahlynn will not end well.

Cisco appears set on becoming Mariahlynn's manager and continues to pursue her as a client. Although Mariahlynn mentions her negotiations with DJ Self, Cisco disregards DJ Self's involvement. He feels DJ Self hasn't been doing the best job in taking the reins of Mariah's career.

Mendeecees contacts Erika from jail to inquire about her calling the cops on Yandy. Erika says that she only called to get her locks changed back and that Yandy has been the one causing all of the problems between the two. Mendeecees says that Erika has been disrespectful to Yandy and he reveals he gave her complete control to do whatever she feels is right. Erika, who feels disrespected that Yandy alleges that she was a one-night stand and never had a relationship with Mendeecees before her pregnancy, continues to demand her respect from them both. While Mendeecees says that he doesn't believe Yandy would stoop that low and say disparaging things about his son's mother and their son, he ultimately is only concerned with his family staying together as a unit, and sides with Yandy.

DJ Self shuts down Cisco's interview at Power 105 as payback for Cisco going behind DJ Self's back and working with Mariahlynn. This officially sets off what will be a bitter, season-long battle between the two Creep Squad members.

Drewski attempts to make amends with Sky by showing up with a bouquet of flowers and an apology for all of the wrong he's done. He also says he never intended to be intimate with Bianca and that his relationship with her is a thing of the past. He wants Sky to move in with him at his home in New Jersey. Sky is a bit hesitant given the recent circumstances, but ultimately gives in to Drewski's pleas.

Cisco shows up to Mariahlynn's showcase performance to show support in an attempt to further entice her to become his client. But trouble lurks in the form of Bianca, who shows up to confront Mariahlynn about telling Sky her plans. Mariah admits to her part in the fiasco, but says she only did it because it was the right thing to do as a woman, an excuse that doesn't lessen Bianca's anger. As a result, she hurls a tray of drinks at Mariahlynn, prompting her to attack Bianca before security intervenes.

DJ Self is also in attendance and confronts Cisco about his recent actions, including attempting to take on Mariahlynn as a client behind his back. When Cisco attempts to shake DJ Self's hands, he refuses and begins to air his grievances. Self says that Mariah is one of his clients and that they've been building a working relationship. He feels Cisco's actions are not that of a true friend.

Self also reveals that he was the reason that Cisco was locked outside of the radio station and that he doesn't feel that Cisco has the power or reach to take Mariah's career to the next level. When Cisco alleges that Mariah mentioned her displeasure with Self's role as a manager, Mariah denies saying that she was ever at odds with Self. This makes Cisco appear foolish and instantly puts him on the defensive, with him responding by disparaging Mariah and her decision to side with Self. The encounter between the three gets heated when Self proclaims that Cisco is no longer part of the Creep Squad and that he's the new leader. This causes Cisco to become enraged, with security restraining him as he attempts to attack his former associate-turned-foe.

Yandy catches up with Kimbella and Juju for drinks and a little girl talk. She gives the girls a summary of what went down between her and the mothers of Mendeecees' other children. She admits she changed Erika's locks, which Kimbella and Juju find hilarious. But a big reveal happens when Yandy tells the girls that she and Mendeecees aren't really married, due to her having second thoughts the night before their wedding date. She's been lying to the mother of his other kids about their wedding in a attempt to make them jealous. The news comes as a shock to all, and is sure to be the catalyst to shake things up between the cast members even more as this season of Love & Hip Hop: New York progresses.

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