Surprise encounters, tears and apologies occur on the new episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York. While Cam'ron and Juju were discussing parenthood last week, this week, things kick off with drama in Rich Dollaz's life.

Moniece, who had a romantic relationship with Rich Dollaz during his stay in Los Angeles, has shown up unexpected and her presence is clearly a shock to Rich and his new girlfriend Jade. Although at first it appears that Moniece is a bit delusional, it turns out that Rich had contacted her, which sends Jade into a fit. He sent sexually explicit messages to Moniece, a charge which he admits to. Jade, is clearly caught off guard.

Snoop is visiting Baltimore to meet with her godmother Denise to get some relationship advice concerning her problems with J. Adrienne. Snoop's godmother is skeptical of J. Adrienne's motives and thinks she may be more interested in advancing her career than building a life with Snoop. This leads former star of The Wire to reconsider her position. Snoop also tells a revealing story about her foster mother, who helped save her life and took her into her home, but she was sent to a nursing home. Nearly breaking down, Snoop also makes a promise to bring her family together as a unit and to be there for one another moving forward.

Yandy sits down with Judy and a friend to discuss her meeting with Samantha and Erika, and gives the rundown of their allegations. Judy suggests that Yandy change the locks to the apartment that Erika is staying in, a plan that may be petty, but one that Yandy is down with as a way to settle the score.

Mariah Lynn hears that Bianca has plans to invite Drewski to a hotel she's staying at and decides to inform Sky as a common courtesy. The two meet up at the gym, where Mariah Lynn gives her the details about Bianca's nefarious plans. Although Sky and Drewski are on shaky ground, she still claims him as her boyfriend and lets it be known that she has every intention of putting an end to Bianca's antics.

Snoop is back from Baltimore and meets with J. Adrienne in an attempt to break things off with her. She feels J. isn't right for her due constant jealousy and the refusal to forgive Snoop for her strawberry episode on Sofi Greene's podcast. J. Adrienne is visibly distraught and angered by the news and attempts to plead her case, but Snoop is steadfast in her decision and looks ready to move on with her life sans her sweetheart from Chicago.

Rich Dollaz links up with Jade to do damage control after Moniece's pop-up, but the meeting doesn't go as planned. Jade, who remains upset about Rich's lack of remorse and contrition for his actions, unloads her feelings. She thinks he didn't do enough to defend their relationship while in front of Moniece and has doubts about moving forward with him. Rich Dollaz says that he cares for Jade, but realizes she might not be the right girl for him, and the two officially break things off.

Bianca's plan is set in motion and she is hell-bent on getting Drewski in her clutches, evidenced by her dressing up seductively to further entice him to take her bait. Drewski, who thinks he's just going to show Bianca some artwork for the record they did together, feels it's odd that they would be meeting a hotel. However, being that business is on his mind, he thinks nothing of it. Upon entering the hotel room, Drewski instantly gets the impression that this isn't the normal business meeting as Bianca kisses him. Then Drewski and Bianca are confronted by Sky. The latter thinks he was implicit and willing to be intimate with Bianca, an assertion which Drewski vehemently denies, but the damage appears to be done and his future with Sky looks to be fragile at best.

Mariah Lynn is in the studio rehearsing for a performance, but gets an unexpected visit from Cisco, whom she was seeing before getting caught in a love triangle with Rich Dollaz. Although their relationship ended on a bitter note, Cisco is ready to own up to his part in their breakup and make amends. Cisco also reveals that his mother has been diagnosed with an illness, which brings him and Mariah Lynn, who accepts his apology, even closer.

Bianca is performing at her showcase and says that Drewski hasn't contacted her since that night at the hotel, but Sky shows up to settle the score and gets into an arguing match with Bianca. The two nearly get into a physical altercation and have to be separated, making it clear that the war between these two women is far from over.

Erika shows up to her home and has found her locks changed and a note from Yandy. The note informs Erika to come see Yandy if she wants an explanation on why she's been locked out of her home. When Erika arrives, Yandy is bold and brazen, making no excuses for her actions, leading Erika to become infuriated, but helpless. This gives Yandy more than enough satisfaction, which will surely carry over into the next episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York.

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