This week's episode of Love & Hip Hop finds Yandy meeting up with Mendeecees' mother to discuss her issues with his ex, Samantha. Yandy explains the situation from her perspective and says that she has no intention of replacing Samantha in Lil Mendeecees' life and she only wants the best for him. Mendeecees' mother Judy says that Samantha has been leaving her son with Kim and that Samantha is not as involved as she says she is, which leaves Yandy appalled. Mendeecees' mother suggests that Yandy meet with Kim again and hash out their differences and create a better sense of understanding between the two.

Sky has been feeling uneasy about a conversation she overheard between Drewski and Bianca, particularly the part where he suggests that Bianca appear on a record he wrote for her. But in an attempt to undermine Bianca's prospects of being on the record, Sky meets with Mariah Lynn to get her to replace Bianca on the record in question. Mariah Lynn, who emerged last season through her love triangle with Rich Dollaz and Cisco, makes her first appearance on this season of Love & Hip Hop. Although Mariah Lynn is uneasy about getting involved in Sky's plot, she agrees to be on the record, setting off what will likely be a messy chain of events.

Snoop is still reeling from her argument with J. Adrienne and confides in Juelz Santana for advice on juggling her relationship and being in the industry. She gives a rundown of what happened between her and J. Adrienne and says that she's been feeling unhappy Snoop ultimately decides to lean towards taking a break from dating. The break includes Snoop focusing on her own career, which means helping Sofi Green get her feet wet in the entertainment industry.

Yandy sits down with Kim in an attempt to find about the new information she's gathered from Judy and to reach a resolution regarding her being absent Lil Mendeecees' life. When Yandy reveals that Judy informed her of Lil Mendeecees being unhappy, Kim becomes irate and says that Judy is only attempting to stir up trouble, and stomps out of the room in a rage.

Mariah Lynn catches up with Cardi B and the two fill each other in on the recent events in their life. Cardi B tells Mariah about her budding romance with Swift and says that she thinks that it may be something special. Mariah Lynn tells Cardi B about her run-in with Sky and her suggestion that she get on the song with Maino instead of Bianca. But when Cardi mentions that Bianca has a serious crush on Drewski, Mariah begins to get the sense that Bianca is attempting to intentionally wreck Drewski's relationship with Sky, and draws up a plot to put all of the cards on the table.

Kim has been upset about Yandy's comments and calls a meeting with Samantha and Erica, the mother of Mendeecees' other son, to discuss Yandy and Judy's critique of their parenting habits. Erica also alleges that Yandy was a homewrecker and wished death on her son, but the three agree that Judy is also a source of the trouble and plan to confront the her to get to the bottom of the situation.

Drewski links up with Bianca and says that she has been getting him in trouble with her girlfriend. She admits that she does have a thing for Drewski, but she's not the culprit and that he's the source of the issues. She also says that she doesn't view Sky as Drewski's girlfriend and that she'll do as she pleases until he decides that he wants to be with Sky only and stop flirting with her. Drewski says that he doesn't want to be with Bianca and is only flirting to pass time while getting on the record, but his actions say different as he offers Bianca a ride and the two drive off in the thick of the New York City traffic together.

The night of Drewski and Sky's launch event has arrived and Cardi B and Mariah Lynn are at the launch and have conspired to get the truth about the record that Sky suggested Mariah Lynn get on. Mariah, being a close friend of Bianca, she is opposed to stepping on her toes and replacing her on a record on shady terms. When Sky and Bianca greet each other, they begin to throw insults at one another and their interaction immediately becomes tense, with Bianca blatantly admitting to being involved with Drewski.

Cardi B then reveals Sky's secret plot to get Mariah Lynn on the record that Drewski had intended for Bianca to get on without his knowledge. Sky says that Bianca is a homewrecker and that Drewski won't be playing any of her music, but Bianca continues to taunt Sky. Bianca says that her record is going to be played whether she likes it or not and continues to berate Sky. Drewski can only help to attempt to do damage control, but the milk has already been spilled and decisions will soon have to be made.

Kim has called Judy to meet with Samantha and Kim to discuss the comments that Yandy had made in regards to their parenting skills. Judy says that she cannot speak for Yandy, but that she's only concerned about the welfare of her grandchildren. Kim and Samantha become angry with Judy and says that she's always shown disrespect to Samantha and her parenting, but Judy maintains her position on the matter. However, things take a shocking turn when Kim suddenly suffers a heart attack and has to get medical attention, making their discussion an afterthought. Kim is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, as the women hold hope that she pulls through, making the ending to this episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York a somber one.

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