Little Simz is springing a new LP on her fans. The British rapper announced the release of an album called Stillness in Wonderland, which is due out on Friday (Dec. 16). The announcement came with the cover artwork as well as the album's lead single, "Poison Ivy" featuring Tilla.

Stillness in Wonderland is being billed as "a story of personal evolution, finding faith within and tackling self-doubt, embracing your instincts and letting your intuition steer you toward your personal paradise, whilst at the same time attempting to avoid the distractions, complacency and pitfalls of Wonderland."

The SHE-produced "Poison Ivy" gives listeners an idea of what to expect on the upcoming project. Little Simz weaves a tale about a relationship that she knows is wrong, yet she continues to fall deeper in love.

"This is toxic I know/We ain't doing ourselves any good/We ain't doing ourselves any favors/We'll forever be I wish we could/I'll forever be misunderstood/This is toxic I know/Cut it off from now, man I should/Tell you that amount, man I should/Gon' be so attached and I hate it/Something on your chest, you should say it/Don't you know there's rules to the game/Gotta learn the game before ya play it," she raps.

Stillness in Wonderland will features 15 tracks, though "Poison Ivy" is the only track title that's been revealed. You can pre-order the album right now on iTunes and get instant access to the single. And if that's not enough Little Simz for you, make sure to check out her appearance in Kehlani's "Table" music video below.

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