According to Live Nation, Kanye West's Saint Pablo Tour never had a confirmed European leg, which means there were no dates to cancel.

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It may be an official wrap on all things Saint Pablo, as Kanye West has just announced the cancelation of his European tour leg, TMZ reports. The news comes exactly a month to the day after West cancelled the remaining 21 dates on his North American tour, what was the beginning of a firestorm of reports that included the musician's hospitalization for exhaustion.

In the time since, West has prioritized resting up, which logically includes scrapping his overseas dates. The Saint Pablo tour wowed audiences with its floating stage platform. The show, like all Kanye shows, requiring tremendous physicality from its star. It comes as no surprise then to learn that Kanye's representatives have informed concert promoter Live Nation that the European dates scheduled for next year, most in Paris, the U.K and Germany, will no longer take place. The cancellations aren't causing much issue, as the celebrity site reports that dates were not set and tickets weren't sold.

There was a notion, shortly after Kanye cancelled the North American dates, that the move would cost him millions, considering his cut from ticket sales and the revenue created through merchandise. However, Kanye reportedly has an insurance policy in place, should he miss any performance due to injury or illness.

West wasn't the only rapper to cancel tour dates this year, with a gallery of those who made similar scratch decisions included below.

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