El-P and Killer Mike surprised the rap world when they dropped RTJ3 on Christmas Day (Dec. 25). Just like Run The Jewels' previous albums, the project was released as a free download. Fans who wanted to support the duo could still spend their money on the LP by purchasing it on digital outlets such as iTunes.

One iTunes user viewed this as some sort of con, leaving a review that claimed no one should buy RTJ3 since it's available for free. El-P caught wind of the review and criticized the person for trying to discourage fans from supporting Run The Jewels.

"I know we give it away for free but there really is no reason to feel compelled to command that people not support us if they want to," El-P wrote on Twitter. "Yes we get any money you spend on official releases through all mediums and we thank you BIGLY if you choose to do that. just trying to figure out what the dudes life is who feels that he has to protect people from buying our albums like he caught the loophole."

El-P stressed that he was not demanding that anyone purchase the album. Run The Jewels gave it away for free and were happy to do so. Still, Run The Jewels appreciates all the fans that spend their hard-earned dollars on the duo's work.

"That said you'll never hear me complain that you didn't buy our shit its yours to have. If you want to support then 🙌. Thats the RTJ way," he wrote. "I'm not saying that model is for everyone, but for us its how we like it. Of course we damn sure do love it when you buy our shit don't get it twisted.​"

Listeners will have another chance to support Run The Jewels by attending El-P and Killer Mike's upcoming tour. And make sure to check out the duo's promo video with Portlandia's Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, which can be viewed below.

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