In 2016, Chance The Rapper became one of Chicago's biggest heroes, but that doesn't mean he isn't willing to relocate. According to New Zealand-based publication, the Coloring Book artist told the crowd he was performing for at Gisborne's Rhythm and Vines festival that he wanted to relocate to New Zealand.

While such a claim can usually be interpreted as a simple case of pandering to the audience, Chance later followed it up with a pair of tweets re-iterating his wish to one day move to the country. In one tweet he wrote, "I had an unforgettably good first time in New Zealand. I've decided I'll be moving here in the next 15 years, and bringing some black people."

In the next tweet, Chance made sure to note that he wasn't joking at all. The tweet reads, "This tweet is a very serious statement without any humor behind it. Black people we are moving to New Zealand." He included a link to a site that converted U.S. dollars to New Zealand currency.

Chano moving to New Zealand would be a pretty unconventional move for one of the world's biggest rappers, but creating his own path is something the Acid Rap artist has been doing for a long time. In fact, it's exactly what he did when he decided against signing to a major label.

In a recent interview with ABC, Chance explained why he decided against going major. “I wanted to give the idea of freedom back to artists and one of the biggest things is control over how you release your music,” Chance said. “So streaming and free releases, I figured that that would be a good beacon to have people at least pick up on what I was doing as an independent artist.”

Chance's decision was a bold one, but based on his seven Grammy nominations, it looks like it was also the right one.

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