Shia LaBeouf's recent freestyle on The Breakfast Club pissed some people off. But it impressed a whole lot more who were surprised by the actor's spit game. Add Chance The Rapper to the latter group.

Lil Chano was so impressed, he's willing to cop up if LaBeouf ever decided to put out a project. Yesterday (Dec. 10), the Chicago rapper took to Twitter to give props to Shia. "I would purchase a Shia LaBeouf album," he posted. "And I can merch it would be a classic," added.

While Chance is feeling Shia's pen, oppositely, Soulja Boy is pissed off. The Atlanta rapper was called out on LaBeouf's rhymes, causing SB to black out on social media, "banning" the actor from setting foot in Atlanta. He's promised to lift the no fly zone only if Shia helps him get a movie role.

LaBeouf doesn't seem to be sweating Soulja's threats. He was recently spotted in Studio City, Calif., and questioned about the beef. “[Soulja Boy’s] a sweetheart, bro. He don’t mean it,” he responded, unbothered.

Chance is finally working on his own solo album, recently revealing the news in an interview with DJ Semtex. “I think it’s also in two parts," he said. "I think when I’m making music usually, I’m writing it because I want you to listen to it in the car but I’m also thinking about the day we finally meet and I get to play it for you in front of a bunch of people and we get to sing along. So in part, yeah I want to make an album.”

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