Soulja Boy was arrested earlier in the week for violating his probation, police discovering a gun upon searching the rapper's home. Law enforcement sources say they received a Crime Stoppers tip that SB had been threatening other rappers online with guns, Souja, upon release, tweeting that Quavo dropped the dime on him. Soulja had dissed and threatened Quavo earlier in the month.

50 Cent, who has collaborated with Soulja and appeared on a 2010 XXL cover with him, took to Instagram to comment on the recent arrest, having a laugh at the way it all transpired. "Shit be crazy out here. First Soulja was like, ‘Quavo want some beef with me.’ Couple days later he was like ‘Quavo call police on me.’" Fif says above. "You know what kind of gun they found? I hope they ain’t find that draco. Find something else don’t find that draco. I know that nigga stressed. Niggas calling 1-800-Tips on a nigga? What the fuck did you do?"

A passenger off camera says that Quavo must be mad at Soulja's recent diss and slick talk, but 50 says the Migos rapper isn't worried. "Nah he’s popping now, his name all over the shit, B," he says, "That nigga don’t give a fuck about that. This shit crazy."

Soulja was released Thursday evening, writing on Twitter, "Fuck quavo, Lil yachty, and Nia Riley. I ain't going no where," in a since deleted post. SB has been stirring the pot a lot lately as it pertains to beef, something 50 has plenty of experience with. Catch 50's comments on the arrest up top.

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