Young M.A's smash hit "OOOUUU" has taken her career to new heights. Her latest achievement came when she got to perform the single on The Wendy Williams Show. The Brooklyn rapper made her daytime television debut and killed it, as you can see in the above video.

After wrapping up her performance of "OOOUUU," Young M.A spoke with Wendy Williams for a brief discussion about her journey. The rising star touched on her decision to turn down the role of Frida Gatz on FOX's Empire.

"That's why the character is from Brooklyn, New York or whatever the case," she said. "The original name was supposed to been Betty Barz. That's what the original script was about. I definitely turned it down cause Young M.A. wasn't developed yet, and I felt like it was a great opportunity, but it wasn't the opportunity for me at the time."

Wendy Williams also asked Young M.A about the rapper's rumored relationship with model Tori Brixx. The two were seen cuddling on Snapchat, and Young M.A did not deny that they were an item.

"Shout out to Tori Brixx," Young M.A said with coy smile on her face. "Definitely a beautiful girl, man. She doing her DJ thing. I'm doing my rap thing. We definitely getting to know each other. Cool girl right there."

If you have not already, make sure to check out XXL's recent conversation with Young M.A. The talented MC spoke about the success of "OOOUUU" and her ability to bring New York hip-hop back to prominence.

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