Most artists would prefer people not take video recordings of their performances. For one, they would rather have concertgoers actually taking in the show instead of taking pics and posting them to Instagram. And second, it ruins the element of surprise for those who might be attending future shows. Don't tell that to white-hot rapper Young M.A who snapped on a fan during a recent concert because she didn't have her camera phone out recording the Brooklyn MC's set. She even went as far as telling the fan she had to leave.

Footage has begun to circulate the Internet of the awkward situation. The "OOOUUU" rapper apparently orders the crowd to take out their phones and record. But when a few people don't do as she requested, M.A gets a little agitated. "Where your phone at?," she asks some concertgoers toward the front of the crowd. "Where is your phone? Why is your phone not on? If you in the front, you better have your phone out or you are going to the back," she adds.

After singling out one woman, she says, "You been touching on me all night, where is your phone?" Later adding, "You gotta get down. She gotta get out of here."

M.A has since seen the error in her ways, admitting the Henny had her sauced. At her next show, she addressed the issue saying, "I fucked up. I was yelling at this girl who didn't have her phone, right. I was fucked up. I was off the Henny," she said. "I just want to send my apologies to that girl."

Drink responsibly, my friends.

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