YG's new Red Friday mixtape drops on Black Friday (Nov. 25), and now the Compton rapper has revealed the tracklist. At eight songs long, the only features are 21 Savage, Mitch and RJ.

The last song is "One Time Coming," a song YG released with a video a couple weeks back. Watch that below.

YG is pressing up a limited-edition run of CDs for the mixtape and selling them for $100 a pop, much like his West Coast brethren Nipsey Hussle. He'll be slinging them at a pop-up shop in Oakland on Friday.

RJ is one of the best newcomers out of California in recent years. When XXL talked with the kid back in June for The Break, he told us how he got stared. "My manager Lemmie, he hooked me up with everything," RJ explains about meeting Mustard and YG. "When I came into the picture this wasn’t RJ the artist, I was just the homie. He wasn’t even my manager yet. He was they homie. Their brand became a corporation and I was the homie that was hard as fuck and they said, 'I’mma fuck with you.' It’s really simple how we all met. We met in the streets and we took it to another plateau."

YG's sophomore major label album Still Brazy is by far one of the best albums of the year. Hopefully this new tape is of the same caliber.

YG's Red Friday Tracklist

1. "Public Service Announcement"
2. "I'm a Thug Pt. 2"
3. "Get Out Yo Feelin's" Feat. RJ
4. "I Know" Feat. Mitch
5. "I Be On" Feat. 21 Savage
6. "Down Bitch"
7. "I Ain't Lyin"
8. "One Time Coming"

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